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Charitable donations of used goods may be dropped off at or near the Op Shop

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Opening Times


Monday..................... 09:00 am — 03: 00 pm
Tuesday..................... 09:00 am — 03: 00 pm

Wednesday............... 09:00 am — 03:00 pm
Thursday....................09:00 am — 03:00 pm
Friday..........................09:00 am — 03:00 pm
Saturday*.................. 09:00 am — 12:00 pm
                     * First Saturday of the month only

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...all that sparkles
Op shop.jpg's, women's and Children's
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New & Pre-loved

When you walk into your local Op Shop what do you see? Probably just a range of second-hand goods at a bargain price.`

You may be aware that you are supporting a charity or a local community organisation but what you don’t see or consider is the great social impact and community building roles your local op shop plays in your community.

Many Op Shops are not just a social enterprise supporting community through the sale of goods, did you know they

  • Provide a place for our retirees to come together to “give back” to their communities

  • Support mums returning to work get their mojo (confidence) back

  • Is a place for long-term unemployed to gain training, new skills, and confidence when embarking upon returning to the workforce

  • Encourage young people and uni students to gain valuable work experience

  • Work with local disability services to provide local volunteering opportunities for their clients

  • Upskill their volunteers through training

  • give social support to people with mental health issues

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Cream or milk with your tea?
Aladdin's Lamp or a tea pot?
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Odds and Sods

Call 07 4770 7855

  • All books sold as is, some binding may be necessary. Feel free to either call or email us for further details.

  • Posting and handling not included, pick-ups can be made during office hours

Classic Book


Sorrels Secret_edited.jpg

Sorrel’s Secret

by Doreen Savery


Victory Press 1960, Reprinted 1962.

Printed in Great Britain for Victory Press, Clapham Crescent, London, S.W. 4 by Richard Clay and Company, Ltd., Bungay, Suffolk.

The Hunters_edited.jpg

The Hunter

by James Salter


(The Lived and Died Alone):

First published 1957 by Wm. Heinemann Ltd. This Edition, slightly abridged, published 1958 by Pan Books Ltd., 8 Headfort Place, London, S.W.I

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Rowan In Search of a Name_edited.jpg
Enemy Coast Ahead_edited.jpg
Penny Goes to Rhodesia_edited.jpg


in Search
of a Name
by Heather White

Enemy Coast Ahead

by Guy Gibson V.C.


Oxford University Press, Amen House, E.C. 4. London, Edinburgh Glasgow New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Capetown, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras.
Humphrey Milford publisher to the University. Printed 1941 in Great Britain at the University Press, Oxford, by John Johnson.


First published 1946 by Michael Joseph Ltd. This edition published 1955 by Pan Books Ltd., 8 Headfort Place, London, S.W. I, 2nd Printing 1955, 3rd Printing 1955, 4th Printing 1956. Printed in Great Britain by Richard Clay and Co., Ltd., Bungay, Suffolk and bound by Flexibook Thermoplastic Binder manufactured by The Book Machinery Co. Ltd., 72-74 Victoria St., London, S.W. I

Penny Goes To Rhodesia

by Elsie Milligan


Pickering & Inglis Ltd.

29 Ludgate Hill, London, E.C. 4 – 229 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, C. 2 Fleming H. Revell Company, Westwood, New Jersey. Home Evangel Books Ltd., 1 Waterman Avenue, Toronto, 16



by R.S. Porteous


First published in Australia 1960 by The Australasian Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd. 35 York Street, Sydney, N.S.W. in association with George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd, London. Reprinted 1961 (twice); 1962; 1963 (twice)

Black and White Flower
Wings Above The Diamantina_edited.jpg
A Pattern of Islands_edited.jpg


above the Diamantina

by Arthur W. Upfield

A Pattern of Islands

by John Murray



Set up bound in Australia by Halstead Press Pty Limited, 9-19 Nickson Street – Sydney 1940.

First published 1953, Thirteenth Impression 1964, Printed in Great Britain by Cox & Wyman, Ltd., London, Fakenham and Reading and published by John Murray (Publishers) Ltd.

The Timeless land_edited.jpg
Wings of Death_edited.jpg

Timeless Land

by Eleanor Dark


First published by Wm. Collins 1941, First issued in Fontana Books 1973. Printed in Great Britain.


Wings of Death

The Battle Over Germany
The RAF’s greatest victory and one of Australian pilot’s darkest hours

by Andrew Mason:


First published in New Zealand and simultaneously in Australia 1967 by Scripts Pty. Ltd. Printed by New Century Press Pty. Ltd. 3-5 North York Street, Sydney. Scripts Pty. Ltd. 40 Miller Street, North Sydney. 406 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Australia

Heroes of Civilization.jpg

Heroes of

by J. Cottler & H. Jaffe


First published October 1932 by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. 182 High Holborn, London, W.C. 1. Reprinted. October 1936.

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A Hand Uplifted.jpg
The Mystery Message.jpg
Lord Jim.jpg

A Hand Uplifted


First published in Great Britain 1963 by Frederick Muller Limited. Printed and bound by Cox and Wyman Limited. London, Reading and Fakenham.

a fragment of  autobiography

by Richard Seddon

The Mystery Message

by T.C. Bridges


First printed 1927 by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. 182 High Holborn, London, W.C.I

Lord Jim

by Joseph Conrad


Penguin Modern Classics, Penguin Books 529 Lord Jim5r6       1, Penguin Books 529 Lord Jim5r61

Black and White Flower
Clear the Decks.jpg

Clear The Decks

by Daniel V. Gallery


Warner Paperback Library Edition, First printed February 1967, Second printing January 1968, Third printing January 1969, Fourth printing April 1970, Fifth printing March 1973. This Warner Paperback Library edition is published by arrangement with William Morrow & Company, Inc. Warner Paperback Library is a division of Warner Books, Inc., 315 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y. 10010

The School on the Cliff.jpg

The School On The Cliff

by JEthel Talbot


Made in England. Printed in Great Britain by L.T.A. Robinson Limited, The Eotolph Printing Works, London.

Robin of Maoriland.jpg
Officially Dead.jpg
Next Door to Number Five.jpg
Regions of Courage.jpg

Robin Of Maoriland

by Esther Glen  :: Illustrated by Kathleen W. Coales

Author of Six Little New Zealanders, Uncles Three at Kamahi


First printed 1929. 1929. Made and printed in Great Britain by Butler and Tanner Ltd., Frome and London.

Officially Dead

by Quentin Reynolds


First published in 1946 by Cassell and Company Ltd., London. Now published in 1955 by Hamilton and Co. (Stafford) Ltd., London.

This book has some loose pages, suitable for restoration

Next Door To Number Five

by Katharine L. Oldmeadow, Illustrated by Arthur Twidle


Printed in Great Britain by Northumberland Press Limited, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. London, The Religious Tract Society, Manchester, Madrid, Lisbon, Budapest.

by Richard Seddon


First published in Great Britain, Corgi edition 1972, Corgi Books published by Transworld Publishers, Ltd., Cavendish House, 57-59 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, Londone, W.5.

Regions Of Courage

by Hartney Myers


More books

to come

More books

to come

More books

to come

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